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Stamped Asphalt

Stamped asphalt application is the printing of patterns (typically brick) into the surface of warm asphalt, giving the pavement an authentic brick appearance. The printed pattern is usually given a custom colour coating to enhance the pattern’s overall appeal. We can also provide custom logos and ask us about the new DuraTherm product.

Asphalt, unlike brick or concrete, can expand and contract with changing temperatures, so cracks or breaks don’t occur as often. Another quality of StreetPrint is that asphalt is seamless, so unlike bricks or concrete, weeds can’t grow through gaps to take away from the aesthetic beauty or disrupt the foundation. StreetPrint’s non-slip surface is less of a liability to commercial areas than other decorative paving forms when wet. Speed of application, reduced wear due to cracks or weed growth, easy maintenance, safe and reliable surface are some of the great features StreetPrint provides that the others do not.

Reheat Process

Now you can apply Stamped Asphalt pavement texturing to your existing good condition asphalt EVEN IF WE DIDN’T DO YOUR PAVING. You need only do the amount that you desire. The complete driveway does not have to be done. A special heating unit is used to heat the surface just deep enough to imprint the pattern. The pattern is imprinted while it is warm and later, after cooling the acrylic polymer is applied.

The process of stamping asphalt is now open to an entirely new market, with the use of an A.R.S. unit and the reheat methods. Now, anyone who has asphalt that is in good condition is a candidate for stamped asphalt. The patented colour coatings you choose to use will not only give the project a unique look but also help to extend the life of the asphalt. The method also provides a cost-effective alternative in traffic calming, hill traction and drainage problems.

Only good stable asphalt should be considered for this process. Why not give us a call today and see how reasonable that special accent can be. To learn more about the process of stamped asphalt design or the reheat methods, contact us today with your questions.